Daniel van Loosbroek

Years of disease completely changed my life. It has been my greatest gift, disguised as my worst nightmare. My best achievement in life was the ability to “stop”. The healing journey is far from linear and many insights followed on many relapses. In the end, the goal of complete recovery didn’t matter much anymore. It feels as if my life’s goal was to reconnect with my soul via experiencing all the pains of rejection I stored in my body. In no way does my current life feel like my ‘old life’. Following the path of alignment is one of those journeys that only gets better and better.

My philosophy

Recovery or healing comes down to changing ourselves from the inside out. Everything needs to change from the person you originally thought you were. Another word for health is alignment. It is my goal to help you re-align you via different holistic approaches, so that healing can occur naturally. We can either step into our own energy or use the ‘fight or flight mode’ to fight our own energy. One path will eventually lead to wholeness and healing. The other to illness and distruction. In my holistic view, I work with the following components.

Working from several angles will dramatically improve the probability of raising your energy and vibration. Although most holisitic methods seem very different and work from different perspectives, the end goal of each of them is inner peace and self-love. Allowing the body to return and eventually maintain homeostasis. The immune system, the nervous system and the adrenals become stronger and you will heal yourself.  In the treatment page, I mention several treatments or actions you can implement straight away.

In the Alignment recovery program, you won’t have to search and figure out information as I guide you every step along the alignment process.

About me personally

I am so glad I got ill in 2015. It is the best thing that ever happened to me. I always knew my life was meant to be different. It felt dull and superfiscial. I worked as a presenter / comedian in my own dinner shows with friends. Despite the great fun it felt compulsive to me to please other people. I was giving others the time I longed for myself.

I worked 2 days a week as a German teacher in a tourism school in Amsterdam. From all the students, only a handful were actually interested in learning another language. I was doing it purely for the money.

Sometimes I woke up with an empty mind and I was surprised. It wouldn’t take long for my mind to work on overdrive. It could never stop. I was constantly figuring out how I could meet my desires. My biggest desire of all was an empty mind however, a big contradiction!

I feel as if the only thing I can do right now, is to just be myself and share some wisdom with others. People with ME/CFS are usually very open to unlearning their ego and I am grateful to work with all of you. Ask me whatever you feel like and I hope to answer you within a few days.