A step by step guide

Structure in the recovery jungle

Alignment recovery program

Healing ME/CFS holistically

Online holistic ME/CFS recovery program – 13 DIY modules you can do in your own pace

13 modules

Online DIY program. You can do it in your own pace. The estimated duration is 13-26 weeks


The price is based on your donation. You can access the program for free if money is a problem for you.

Holistic approach

The program uses lots of different holistic techniques that are based on changing yourself from the inside out.


Coaching is not included, but you can book an online session with me to help you through the modules for € 50,- per hour.

What is in the program?

Although the program lasts approximately 13-26 weeks, it is likely that your recovery is not completed in that period. Healing goes with ups and downs and is not linear. Instead, you will receive all the necessary tools and knowledge to work on your recovery.

  • The program contains 48 practical new habits and skills that you can apply on a day to day basis.
  • Every module has information to absorb
  • I will teach you different holistic technigues
  • There are podcasts, video’s, tutorials, exercises, guided meditations, etc.
  • The program aims to create a new life via implementing new and natural habits
  • The purpose is to align you with your true being and let healing occur naturally

Chronic fatigue syndrome recovery program

Things you will work with

After you know your base line, you will gradually move upwards via improving your quality of rest and choosing better activities for when you have energy. You will work on making changes in your daily routine that support your healing. Every module contains homework and new habits. The program progressively builds itself up. After 13 modules the changes in your routine should create a better healing environment.

Some things I work with are: sleep rhythm, emotional healing, bodymind, diet, neuro-plasticity, calming down the nervous system, joy, self-love and self partnership, psychology, coping mechanisms, pacing, mindfullnes, meditation, hypnosis, affirmations, boundaries & cancelling self-pressure and stressful behaviour.

In the program you only learn the basics of every skill. I won’t go into hours of research. In some modules I refer to books. These optional sources can provide you with more information to understand the methods. Additionally, I also refer you to some external optional treatments to aid you in your journey.

Before you start…

  • Do you have the commitment to finish the program?

  • Are you willing to have a structrured recovery plan?

  • Are you willing to learn and make changes?

  • Will you stop looking for the magic pill?

  • Are you prepared to take 100% responsibility for your recovery?

If you are willing to make changes and to commit to the program, let’s start!