Alignment recovery program

Module 0 – Introduction


“Disease is the language of the soul. When you listen to your true self, health will be the answer of your body.”

~Nathalie Rauchberger~

Before you start

It is important to rule out serious other medical conditions by doing bloodworks and visiting your general practitioner or hospital first.

This online program is about self healing, this means I don’t believe that external therapies or medication will heal you. Of course there are external factors that can help you in your journey and it has its place. But of all the people I spoke to who healed from chronic fatigue syndrome, not one spoke about medication and other things outside of themselves!

This means you will have to change yourself from the inside out to be able to access your personal self healing powers. Unfortunately many of the programs in your subconscious mind have led to automatic behaviour that is in the way of healing and maybe the root cause behind your situation. Changing these programs and developing awareness is far from easy, yet it is crucial.

This program contains over 40 habits to change the way you interact with yourself. Each habit is outside of your comfort zone. You will need determination to implement them, otherwise it is likely too uncomfortable to continue. To help you with this and to help you with your personal struggles along the way, you can book me as your coach. Accountability can help you in this journey.

Often people tend to take things more seriously after it has a higher price tag. If this is the case for you, you can either tackle that thought pattern, or make a larger donation ;)

Recovery is a wave that you can surf. Lots of things in the program are designed to let hidden stressors come up. I will also teach you how to resolve these stressors. In the beginning such a stress release can cause a relapse, but the better you get in releasing stress, the faster you recover. I call it the wave of recovery with stress release and joy. Don’t let the downs scare you, I can help you through it. If you learn about hidden stressors it can be a trap to spend a lot of time in a module, but then you miss out on the next module that is there to help you release the stress.