No man’s land


I showed you the 4 phases of recovery. With this challenge, let’s dive deeper into it!

The first phase is a crash, this comes due to excessive stress and doing too much. When we are not in a crash, but not calm at all we are in the second phase ‘tired and wired’. This is for most of you your standard phase. After a while you don’t really know how to relax properly.

The challenge is to spend the majority of your days in the next two phases, No man’s land and re-integration. By giving up and really allowing yourself to rest and to merge with your body, you can get in this phase. When you are ‘tired and wired’ the mind is working overtime and there is not really a connection with the body. Feeling is your way out of it. You have run away and distracted yourself for too long. You have probably felt like a walking mind that is dragging the body along with it. You know this doesn’t work. Let’s stop it! You don’t have to be afraid of your body, symptoms and sensations. Let’s really connect and ground in your body.

Via conscious breathing, Yoga Nidra, Body scans, feeling the body, focussing on your senses and what you feel, you connect with your body. You can finally feel how exhausted you really are. Merge with the fatigue and try to not escape mentally. Letting the stressed mind wind down can take a few hours or days. Initially your symptoms will increase. Later your body gets heavier. You might feel the body shaking a little or trembling. Extreme sleepiness and yawning is a really good sign. You might notice lots of bowel movements and sounds. Give yourself the message that you are safe and your body can let go of the accumulated stress and repairs itself.

This phase can last several weeks. You feel like you can sleep for weeks. Keep your rhythm right. You don’t need to do much physically. Try to enjoy the calmness and the rest, have a staycation.  After several days or weeks you can arrive in the next phase (re-integration). It is crucial to keep pacing and spend your energy on nice things. If you don’t pace well or do stressful things, you can fall back to phase 1 or 2. Try to calm down as best fast as possible to return to calmness.

Of course you will make mistakes and engage in stressful things or stressful circumstances. This is not bad, it is important to learn from it. The rest of the program is about dealing and recognizing stress in every part of your life.

Some tips:

  • Try to go to bed with some energy left.
  • If you are really tired or drained, then rest.
  • Keep a good rhythm.
  • Try an afternoon nap. (This will calm down your nervous system)
  • Avoid stimuli (Digital input, arguments, etc.)
  • Soak up sunlight
  • Connect with nature
  • Keep pacing
  • Meditate daily (do nothing and rest the busy mind)
  • Don’t resist your symptoms
  • Try to enjoy your rest and life (no to do list living)

Good luck!