Alignment recovery program

Module 5 – Self-expression


This module can last a little longer


This module contains 5 new habits


My coaching and the books I recommend. “The mindbody prescription”, “When the body says no”


Learn to journal and different meditations


I updtated this module and specified it into 5 different habits and changed and shortened the video’s below. Good luck!

“A boundary is more than a negative “NO”, it is a strong force to keep you aligned with who you really are. It is a “YES” for yourself”

~Dr. Valentina Korinth~



Change your perception

Holistic health model

Understanding the self-healing process and the Alignment Program

The mindbody prescription

Symptoms to distract the egoic mind

Pushing your energy limits

It doesn’t work

“I needed to write, to express myself through written language not only so that others might hear me but so that I could hear myself.”

~Dr. Gabor Maté~

Start expressing your feelings, emotions and boundaries.


When emotions manifest themselves as symptoms due to the stress of bottling it up.

By expressing yourself, you can learn to release the emotion and get in touch with your feelings and boundaries. Often the symptoms improve very fast.

keep a (paper) journal and write everyday for +/- 10 minutes about stuff that bothers you. After that, you destroy it and ground yourself with positive affirmations or a meditation.


Start my free 30 day journal workbook!

Ecstatic Dance


Sometimes, especially when we are wired, the best thing is to subtly move and express yourself at the sounds of calm and peaceful music. Can you express what is in you? Go slowly and pace.

Becoming aware of emotions and boundaries can be stressful if a part of you is still resisting it. Try to see if you can just feel it and be with it. In the 8th module we dive deeper into healing these internal stressors. if you can’t wait, you can book me for a coaching session. For now, please limit the time you work with your own feelings to maximum 30 minutes a day.

Feelings are scary when we are not in contact with our body and feelings, reconnecting can be scary and should therefore always be done slowly and in a safe environment. For the ones who are severely traumatized, don’t go that deep in the emotions and start slowly. You can ask for my help or from a trauma therapist nearby.

Try these different meditations

Meditation is meeting yourself where you are now. Nothing is wrong. Every feeling is okay. Try not to judge or change something. Start feeling and connect with your body. Staying offline and being with yourself without resistance is calming the nervous system. Make it a habit.

Your habits

Saying no
Body awareness
Acknowledge feelings and symptoms
Don’t push yourself
Sleep hygiene
Conscious activity
Creating a rythm
No distraction
Affirmation walk
Activity - rest
daily affirmations
reprogramming negative beliefs
Living offline
Stop judgements
Intuitive diet
Beliefs awareness

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