Alignment recovery program

Module 6 – Behaviour


This module lasts +/- 2 weeks


This module contains 3 new habits


I can help you with coaching. Your friends might be able to point out your coping styles. You can start schema therapy all around the world.

  • Analyze your schemas
  • Analyze your warning signals
  • Analyze other thoughts and behaviours


“Feel into the potential that you can remove any form of pressure from yourself.  You don’t have to achieve anything! You don’t have to worry about anything! You don’t have to be a certain kind of person! You don’t have to do things in a certain way! You don’t have to please anyone! You can release any form of responsibility that is not directly associated with yourself. Release the need to rescue others.

Pick one of the above lines, feel into it and embrace the idea. Notice the body sensations and stay with these feelings. breath slowly and deeply, embrace these feelings. Observe how they flow and move!”

– Kyle Davies –
(author of the intelligent body, download here)

Behavioural traps

Stop trying so hard

Some different things to help you get aware of yourself

What are your tics?


Self love

Small things that change your life

Alan Watts

There is nothing you can do


It kills the soul

The more efficient you try to be, the more calculated you are. Everybody who has recovered told me that they needed to stop this way of being. Do you recognize this in your behaviour?

Behaviour observation

What are your schema’s?

Analyze your schema’s. Ask your parents and friends to give you feedback and hints as well.

Analyzing setbacks

were there any warning signals?


Self reflection is hard work, pace yourself and find connection, Stop pressuring yourself in any way possible.

Your habits

Giving up
Self love
Coping awareness
Saying no
Body awareness
Acknowledge feelings and symptoms
Don’t push yourself
Sleep hygiene
Conscious activity
Creating a rythm
Affirmation walk
Activity - rest
No distraction
daily affirmations
reprogramming negative beliefs
Living offline
Stop judgements
Intuitive diet
Beliefs awareness

Feedback module 6

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