Alignment recovery program

Module 7 – Neuroplasticity


This module lasts +/- 2 weeks


This module contains 3 new habits


My coaching – A stress release massage is great as well.


Rest in nature – calm down – use neuroplasticity


“Spiritual and emotional recovery are possible because the human brain is a living organ that we can transform by making new choices and being in non-shaming recovery-based environments.”

~ Christopher Dines ~

“The modern fascination with neuroplasticity has led many to try to optimize their intelligence, memory, and concentration. People obsessively track and optimize their sleep, nutrition, and exercise regimens. But people who obsessively and directly optimize the structure of their minds for flourishing are less common.”

~Ryan Bush ~

To learn

Neuroplasticity technigue

Rewiring the brain

Read about neuroplasticity

Start with some of my blogs

Calming down the nervous system

Stop the stress response addiction

To do and to read

Practise neuroplasticity daily

Apply the technique, eventually it will become easier to create a healing state.

Be outside and calm

Nature and grounding are very calming for the nervous system. Did I tell you already that you can be tired everywhere? Get yourself a hammock and spend your day in nature. Obsorb sunlight!

Rewiring the brain

Your habits

Calming down the nervous system
Giving up
Self love
Coping awareness
Saying no
Body awareness
Acknowledge feelings and symptoms
Don’t push yourself
Sleep hygiene
Conscious activity
Creating a rythm
Affirmation walk
Activity - rest
No distraction
daily affirmations
reprogramming negative beliefs
Living offline
Stop judgements
Intuitive diet
Beliefs awareness

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