Alignment recovery program

Module 8 – Emotional healing


This module lasts 1 or 2 weeks


This module contains 3 new habits


I can help you get in touch with your body and feelings. Plus I am a licensed EMDR and emotional release practisioner.


Besides an emotional healing method, there is also a 1 hour silence meditation challenge and a check how you feel habit

Emotional healing

“One of the leading techniques that is used in trauma integration involves a process where you consciously revisit traumatizing memories, rescue your childhood self out of each of those memories, and then bring those childhood versions of you to a safe space where you then reparent them.”

~Teal Swan~

Emotional healing is crucial in recovery,

but it might cost you lots of energy points and keep you stuck in the stress mode of the nervous system. After an emotional release, you can expect to feel a little worse for a few days. And experience a feeling that it is slightly harder to breathe. Hydrate yourself and keep calm.


Go slowly and redirect your nervous system to calmness afterwards

Making it practical

Why is emotional healing important


Asking questions

Communicating with sensations and feelings

Guided meditation

Let me guide you through the process

Podcast about emotional fatigue

How I keep working on this every day of my life. It really is a habit.

Additional help to emotional healing

Common mistakes in emotional healing

Avoid these traps

Feeling safety vs trauma

Some ways to connect with the body

Underlying beliefs behind stressful behaviour


Becoming aware of your old and stuck emotions

Find emotions disguised as sensations

Ask yourself:
How does it feel?
How old is this?
What did I feel?
What did it need?
Give it towards yourself
Embrace the part of you that was hurt

Silence challenge

Get comfortable, turn off your devices. Put a timer on 60 minutes and just sit and be with yourself. Whenever you notice your thoughts drifting off, gently come back to yourself again. It gets easier after a few times.

Safety and calmness

Connect more with feeling and harvest calmess and safety. Try to just feel your sensations first. Continue when your body feels more safe and calm. Work maximum 30 minutes a day on your feelings, journaling and emotions. Compensate it with peace or joy for the rest of the day. Take a few days off after a big emotional release. Some notice breathing difficulties a few days after an emotional release. This is nothing to worry about. Don’t actively search for childhood wounds, feel what is already there now.

Check in with your body every hour. How do you feel? What is alive in you? It is also okay not to feel anything.

Don’t forget to redirect your focus with neuroplasticity! Process your feelings in little drips with pacing.

Help eachother heal emotionally! After you start to understand the emotional healing process, it is helpful to find someone to do it together.

Maybe you can find a partner in our facebook community?

Your habits

Emotional healing
Be with feelings
Calming down the nervous system
Giving up
Self love
Coping awareness
Saying no
Body awareness
Acknowledge feelings and symptoms
Don’t push yourself
Sleep hygiene
Conscious activity
Affirmation walk
Activity - rest
No distraction
daily affirmations
reprogramming negative beliefs
Living offline
Stop judgements
Intuitive diet
Beliefs awareness

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