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The Alignment program is a work in progress.

What is new?

Module 5: Some added text

November 27th 2021

Maybe I focussed too much on the emotion of anger. I therefor added this text:

Pick every once in a while a negative emotion, you haven’t felt for a while and write about it. Writing about it, tells your subconscious mind that it is okay to experience it now.  Think about:

Shame, guilt, grief, fear, disgust and anger.

Pain is often related to anger and fatigue to fear.

Maybe you can make an affirmation about it? “I feel and accept my fear.”

Module 7: Calming down the nervous system video

November 24th 2021

I created a new video for my channel about detecting the “fight or fligh mode” via heart-rate awareness. I then edited the old calming down video to it and I removed some of the double content in there.

Module 8: Changed blogs

October 29th 2021

First I removed the link to an old blog post called ‘the pain body’. This blog was very long, personal and unpractical. Then I made a new blog post about underlying feelings. This blog is made based on a coaching session I did. It’s less personal, shorter and more practical. But most of all, more professional.

Module 1,3 & 7: Some information about heart-rate monitoring

October 28th 2021

For the past weeks, I have been adding information about the heart-rate. Monitoring this can be helpful in calming the nervous system down between activities. Having a chronically stressed heart-rate is a signal that the nervous system is stuck in survival mode. Resting / calming down is crucial, monitoring the heart-rate can make it clear when you are resting and when not. Plus you can check this way if your neuroplasticity helped and if activities stress you out or not.

Module 9: Added blog about enjoyment and letting go of managing disease

October 27th 2021

I added a blog about healing weeks. At a certain point we can let go of managing symptoms, our healing rhythm goes automatic and we can start the joyful healing weeks.

Module 3: Removed geometry visualisation meditation

October 19th 2021

I removed the optional meditation in the 3rd module. I noticed it isn’t very popular and substraction is sometimes more important. you can still find it here.

Module 4: No man’s land challenge

October 17th 2021

After receiving many questions of how to rest and reading your comments on the fear to connect with your symptoms, I added this to the program.

Module 1: 4 Phases of ME/CFS

October 16th 2021

Based on your feedback, I learned more about what it means to be in the 3rd phase of recovery. I updated this to make it easier to see improvement.

Module 3: energy management blog

October 10th, 2021

I updated this to make it easier to implement. And I deleted some unnecessary content.