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The Alignment program is a work in progress.

What is new?

Module 5: Replaced video

November 28th 2022

I exchanged the podcast with this video. It was a podcast about more or less the exact same thing, but with this new video I would like to make it really practical instead.

Module 12: new exercise

September 24th 2022

I changed a few things in this module. I removed a podcast that was accidentally in this module. Plus I removed the exercise called “recogising your aspects”, I changed it for this new one called, “Duality and internal resistance”. I keep learning and improving the program. I think the new exercise makes it much simpler and easier.

Module 4: Removed videos

August 31th 2022

Less is more. I have added a meditation and decided the module has become too big. I deleted this videos as I don’t see them as vital.

Module 4: New meditation

August 30th 2022

Rachel asked me for a meditation to accept and surrender to the symptoms. I came with this one: Rest and surrender like a baby – guided meditation

Module 9: I changed the page from Levels of consciousness

August 26th 2022

To not remain stuck at vague spiritual concepts, I updated the article about the levels of consciousnes to explain with each level why you are there and how to move to a different state.

Module 8: Podcast about emotional fatigue

August 24th 2022

I added one of my podcasts to show you how emotional fatigue works related to doing the emotional work.

Module 9: Joy podcast and taking a break

August 24th 2022

I added a podcast about having joy and some text to take a break

Module 13: Reconnecting with anger and EMDR

June 27th 2022

I added a new meditation designed to heal stuck rage via a guided meditation with EMDR

Module 12: Reconnecting with fear

June 12th 2022

I added a new meditation designed to heal hidden fears and then to reconnect with the truth.

Module 6: Practically using the knowledge about coping

May 28th 2022

In the facebook group there was a discussion about how to make the 6th module more practical. And it ended with a blog post from Lahari for everyone in the 6th module. Thanks for the discussion!

Module 4: I removed a video

May 28th 2022

I removed this video from the 4th module to make it more practical. I think that the new meditation in the 4th module makes this video obsolete. You can still find the video here.

Module 13: New exercise and habit

May 27th 2022

I added a new video to explain an exercise and new habit. This habit is about applying EMDR to yourself to use the “fight or flight response” to release you from the “freeze response”.

Module 4: New meditation

May 25th 2022

I added a new meditation to help you with the “here/now/self”

Module 12: New exercise

May 25th 2022

I added a new video to explain this powerful exercise

Module 4: New information

May 19th 2022

I added some information at the bottom of the module, to make it more clear how the program works. It works by changing ourselves to trigger stressors and by then releasing them. Therefore don’t go too slow.

When a stressor is stuck for too long it can create symptoms.

Changing your belief systems and becoming more present can trigger negativity inside of you that needs to be released. Other things we are going to work with in the program can also trigger hidden stressors. From the 8th module on and partially in the 5th we are going to work on releasing these stressors. Therefore don’t go too slow in the program. Some people have given up because they felt worse, just before we were about to release the cause of their setback.

Try to do every module in 1 or 2 weeks. You can always come back and do the program a second time to get a deeper understanding.

Module 6: New video

May 18th 2022

I removed the old OCD video as I wasn’t really happy with it. I replaced it with this video.

Module 12: I changed the podcast

May 17th 2022

Emotional fatigue and other symptoms

Module 6: I removed the podcast

May 17th 2022

The development of a chronically ill personality

Module 10: I changed the podcast

May 17th 2022

Yin yang love story

Module 10: Manifesting meditation – 432 hz

May 17th 2022

Bringing your future self to the present moment and feel it and eventually manifest it.

Module 11: I changed it completely

May 17th 2022

New videos about understanding your condition & new meditations.

Module 9: New meditation about healing loneliness and abandonment

May 15th 2022

Joy often lies behind resolving an emotional issue. Beyond loneliness lies connection and joy. I made this meditation myself and replaced Mooji’s meditation.

Module 8: Trauma and connecting with the body

May 15th 2022

In my coachings I have come along many who are severely traumatized. When everything feels unsafe, maybe these exercises can help. Of course in these cases, I also recommend long term psychotherapy. I am not a fan of endless analysis, but keep it practical with EMDR for example.

Module 7: Tension release exercise

May 15th 2022

I have had some good results with destressing a client with TRE. Via our facebook community I became aware of a free TRE course that can explain things much better than I currently can.  This is optional.

Module 5: Ecstatic dancing

May 11th 2022

If you are wired and still want to do something, expressing yourself physically is probably one of the only type of physical activities that can make you feel better.

No pressure, keep it short. This is optional.

Facebook support group

April 30th 2022

After one year of many, many requests, I created a facebook group to support eachother with for example the Alignment Recovery program and hard inner work that people with ME/CFS have to start at a certain point.

Module 5: added questions

April 30th 2022

On day 17 of the workbook, I added a few questions about body acceptance.

Module 11: new meditations

April 15 th 2022

I added several meditations to make it more practical

Module 8: Lots of changes

March 18th 2022

I updated this module

I created a new intro video

I created a new video about why emotional healing is important

I created a 30 minute guided meditation to help you through the process of releasing emotions

Module 5: Lots of changes

March 16th 2022

I updated everything, except for the intro

I created new video’s about: “The mind prescription” and “When the body says no!”

I created a 30 day journal work book with questions that are better for ME/CFS

I created 3 new meditations myself and replaced the previous “foreign” meditations.

Module 12: New video and exercise

March 10th 2022

I added a new video about integrated anger and explained an exercise in it.

The more I coach people, the more I realize how important this is. Personally I am energetic as long as I connect with the anger or inner strenght in my belly.
Module 1: About implementing habits

January 15th 2022

I added a new paragraph under the title ‘Your habits’. I want people to stop seeing the program as a massive to-do list:

This program contains healthy habits. Don’t treat it as a black or white task on a to-do list. The habits are supposed to get you out of a rigid and stressful place into freedom and ease. You don’t have to implement each habit. Be kind to yourself.

Module 11: Your new life

December 25th 2021

I added a new task:

Think about how your favorite life would look if money was not an issue. Write it down and imagine it. Then take the first step to integrate this energy in your life in the present moment. Step by step. Don’t wait for the first step until you are completely healthy. Feel the underlying fear of leaving your comfort zone.
Module 12: New video about journaling and chaneling aspects

December 22nd 2021

Previously I had just written the text that you can channel aspects while journaling. Now I have made it easier with an explanation and some examples.

Module 5: Some added text

November 27th 2021

Maybe I focussed too much on the emotion of anger. I therefor added this text:

Pick every once in a while a negative emotion, you haven’t felt for a while and write about it. Writing about it, tells your subconscious mind that it is okay to experience it now.  Think about:

Shame, guilt, grief, fear, disgust and anger.

Pain is often related to anger and fatigue to fear.

Maybe you can make an affirmation about it? “I feel and accept my fear.”

Module 7: Calming down the nervous system video

November 24th 2021

I created a new video for my channel about detecting the “fight or fligh mode” via heart-rate awareness. I then edited the old calming down video to it and I removed some of the double content in there.

Module 8: Changed blogs

October 29th 2021

First I removed the link to an old blog post called ‘the pain body’. This blog was very long, personal and unpractical. Then I made a new blog post about underlying feelings. This blog is made based on a coaching session I did. It’s less personal, shorter and more practical. But most of all, more professional.

Module 1,3 & 7: Some information about heart-rate monitoring

October 28th 2021

For the past weeks, I have been adding information about the heart-rate. Monitoring this can be helpful in calming the nervous system down between activities. Having a chronically stressed heart-rate is a signal that the nervous system is stuck in survival mode. Resting / calming down is crucial, monitoring the heart-rate can make it clear when you are resting and when not. Plus you can check this way if your neuroplasticity helped and if activities stress you out or not.

Module 9: Added blog about enjoyment and letting go of managing disease

October 27th 2021

I added a blog about healing weeks. At a certain point we can let go of managing symptoms, our healing rhythm goes automatic and we can start the joyful healing weeks.

Module 3: Removed geometry visualisation meditation

October 19th 2021

I removed the optional meditation in the 3rd module. I noticed it isn’t very popular and substraction is sometimes more important. you can still find it here.

Module 4: No man’s land challenge

October 17th 2021

After receiving many questions of how to rest and reading your comments on the fear to connect with your symptoms, I added this to the program.

Module 1: 4 Phases of ME/CFS

October 16th 2021

Based on your feedback, I learned more about what it means to be in the 3rd phase of recovery. I updated this to make it easier to see improvement.

Module 3: energy management blog

October 10th, 2021

I updated this to make it easier to implement. And I deleted some unnecessary content.