1 hour online coaching

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  • Languages

    I coach in English, German and Dutch

  • Select the 60 Minute meeting

    Minimum 3 days in the future

  • Connect

    Choose your online platform and you will receive a link to the session.

  • make a donation

    I ask for an upfront payment of minimum € 50 via paypal

What I offer?

The coaching I do can be an option in the online recovery program I offer. If you haven’t informed yourself with the program, I recommend checking it out. You can also book me to discuss your current situation and possible healing approach.

The coaching is meant to help you inmplement the changes and tools.. You can book an online appointment and choose your preferred time spot from my agenda. The booking process is really easy, it takes in account your timezone, this way it is easy to plan. After booking me, you will receive a link to the online meeting with me.

You can use me in any way you choose to. Ask me whatever you want. We can talk about the difficulties you experience in your personal experience and together find away to bypass the issues.

Our talks are confidential, I hope you can be open with me.