Healing approach

understand it first

Before rushing into a healing approach, it is crucial to understand how disease actually gradually develops over time. In this podcast I explain the infograph called: The 12 steps circle of disease.

In my holistic healing advice I would like you to change from the root and I therefore use the 4 components of ME/CFS

The four components of treating chronic fatigue syndrome

Every treatment should involve these four components.

What about secondary symptoms?

EBV, immune system & deficiencies.

By calming down the nervous system, the secondary symptoms will gradually dissolve. Guide your body to the natural place where it can do this on its own. You will feel much better once you relearn how to rest properly. With neuroplasticity you can also reprogram the stress response of the body.

It’s however okay to treat secondary symptoms with detoxing or diets. You can use natural anti-virals like colloidal silver or MMS drops for a while. But do not expect big results for the primary symptoms. You can easily get involved in these kind of protocols, but if you don’t address the real cause, don’t expect long term results. The exhausted body and immune system will remain a perfect habitat for pathogens and the gut still has poblems with absorbing nutrients.

From a quantum-science point of view, we need to raise our vibration.

Understand why you have CFS/ME

Before you are looking for any treatment, you should understand or discover your original trigger and understand how ME/CFS or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome develops in the body. Learn as well about the secondary symptoms that are really making you feel exhausted. You can find an article here that explains what is going with you. Analyse how this is working for you in your life. Find out your coping mechanisms, work on self-love and authenticity, identify your triggers, calm down the nervous system and work with neuroplasticity.

People heal with many different approaches with ME/CFS. Yes, healing is totally possible for you. The reason why they will tell you that young people can recover much easier, is that it is easier for them to adapt their personality and to change.

Every treatment form should focus at least on one of the three components that together creates the chronic exhaustion. After that you will need to take steps in the direction of what your body actually wants, this is usually love, connection, safety, peace of mind and joy. To do that you will also need to embrace your shadow side. Anger, fear, helplessness, shame, pride, desire, grief & guilt are there to guide you and show you your boundaries.  Suppressing these emotions in the unconscious will make you ill and stuck in a lower level of consciousness. This will all be a process of trial and error, and that’s okay.

You should know…

That I have experienced what you are going through and that I have commited myself to help as many people as possible. The road to recovery hasn’t been anything near easy to me. Partly because I had to invent my wheel, but also partly because I was too stubborn to look at myself in some ways. Don’t make the same mistake and keep an open mind to the things I am suggesting.


I think recovery should be as much fun as possible. Part of the fun is humor and having fun with others. I am not a big fan of spending a lot of time alone on the internet, but I do feel like building a positive platform where recoverees like yourself can get a recovery buddy in the future. One condition for a recovery body is to not dwell in endless theories that many are doing.

In the future I hope to build a recovery retreat somewhere.

Humans are a social species, and recovery should be full of love and joy.