It is an easy rookie mistake to only focus on detoxing in a simplistic way. A heavy metal detox can always be helpful, but detoxing is much more than that. A cause can be physical, toxic, emotional, behavioural and energetical.

A good detox focusses on all area’s. If you work on only one, then you can’t expect long term results. That is exactly the danger of detoxing, it is easy to fall in a trap. You can do diet after diet or be very strict to what you eat. Some results of hard work can also only be a placebo effect.

Too much detoxing can result in a herxheimer reaction and worsen your condition. Be careful.

I only mention a few methods in this page.

Emotional release

When we suppress emotions, we swollow them. In order to release the emotions we need to digest them. This is crucial since stuck emotions lower our vibrations so to speak. After a while, the body is an energetical match for all kinds of harmful pathogens, molds, bacterias, parasites, etc.

To clear the emotional blockades in our bodies we can for example use emotional purging methods like the Completion Process or EFT tapping.

Ultimate detox

I have tried many physical detoxes and eventually gave up upon it, as there were little to no results. I also realized the effects could have been imagined or a placebo effect. In the long run it didn’t bring me a lot.

With kambo however, I have come to a different opinion. Kambo is frog poison placed on a little burn wound. The effects are extreme as you will get really sick. The extreme immune response can reset the nervous system and you will most likely vomit out all the bile. This will make it much easier for your liver and is in my opinion a very extreme, yet very effective detox solution.

You can read about it in my blog.

Foods and stimulants

I will never claim to have find the one and only detox strategy, but I do believe that some foods can put an extra pressure on the bodily systems and that they are easily avoided.

Think of alcohol, sigarets, drugs, cafeine, sugar, processed foods, gluten etc. Ofcourse it is always helpful to eat clean and healthy foods like non GMO vegetables, preferably organic.


Every cell or process has a frequency. With frequency therapy you can either enhance or disturb certain cells or processes.

With Timewaver or the portable Healy device, you can use frequencies to help you heal. There are hundreds of programs. Some programs work with enforcing the immune system, while others work on emotional release. This is not a miracle cure, but can be helpful in your healing practice.

The first time I used the Healy, I started with the program called: “Bacteria”. Within a day I developed a fever, I vomited  and felt much better the next day. it was an eye opener. Other programs like ‘Clean all in  the deep cycle”  are extreme and create a strong Herheimer reaction.

The wrong people

In the process of aligning youself with who you are and live authentically, you should remove the people in life that don’t support that. The people who don’t respect your boundaries also don’t deserve you in their life,

You will create space for people who add more joy in your life.