Stop the ‘fight or flight’ response!

The average person spends 70% of its time in the fight or flight mode. In this mode, your immune system is supressed to gather all your strength to either fight, hide or escape from imminent danger.To recover you need to learn to recognise your stress response and calm your nervous system.

Thousands of years ago, the stress response of the nervous system was only activated for short dangerous events. because society was calm and people lived connected in tribes, the nervous system was able to switch back quickly to the state of calmness. In our society however, we have learnt to supress our own need and to compete with eachother constantly. Our movies, jobs and sport activities are extreme and the global population is addicted to their stress hormones. We would even create stress in order for our addiction to continue. Being stuck in the fight or flight mode will drain you and your adrenals. Learning to calm down however will boost your adrenals faster than you might expect.

In the state of stress, you will feel agitated, in need of distractions, scrolling on social media, watch action movies, think very analytical, have negative thoughts about live and yourself. This is what we need to change.


Becoming aware of your urges, thoughts and beliefs and learning to act differently.


Grounding, calming down in nature, focussing on the beauty around you.

Go slowly and don’t pressure yourself.

The more peaceful and less pressured you feel, the more you can do. Take some extra time.

Trauma release

Changing your inner dialogues and finding the root causes. Becareful to rewire yourself afterwards and don’t stay stuck in the overwhelming sensations that trigger the ‘fight or flight mode’.

Tuning in to your body

Establish a new relationship with your body. One where you are alligned, so your body doesn’t need to scream to you. Use brain rewire technigues to not stay stuck afterwards.

Lear to access the now!

When I first put all my attention on ‘the now’ and my mind stopped talking to me, I thought I was in heaven. Colors were brighter, everything was much more intense. Here I was, I arrived, and I laughed at myself, because this is what I had always been searching. My thoughts were always about reaching this state and now it became clear, that my thoughts were the only thing that prevented me from being here.

At first it might be weird, be strong and keep choosing to be here now. You will feel better fast. Can you feel a switch being turned off after a while?


Do you dare to stay present an entire day and see what changes?

Just be you, there are already plenty of others!

Feel into the potential that you can remove any form of pressure from yourself.  You don’t have to achieve anything! You don’t have to worry about anything! You don’t have to be a certain kind of person! You don’t have to do things in a certain way! You don’t have to please anyone! You can release any form of responsibility that is not directly associated with yourself. Release the need to rescue others.

Pick one of the above lines, feel into it and embrace the idea. Notice the body sensations and stay with these feelings. breath slowly and deeply, embrace these feelings. Observe how they flow and move!

The emotional body

I can often tune into the emotional body of others, I can then sense what it is and where the emotional weight is buried. This can make it easier for you to start discovering what your issues are. The things that I feel, are often so suppressed that you are not consciously aware of it.

usually people escape from these feelings via coping mechanims. Involving yourself in coping mechanisms is stressful and enhances stress. Asking yourself what your coping mechanisms are is not the right question. Instead, ask yourself what is not?

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