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By regularly checking your symptoms because you have been afraid of them, you have wired your brain into easily feeling them. Neuroplasticity is the final component that creates ME/CFS. First you are fatigued because of the trigger, then you have drained yourself with the fight or flight mode and lastly you have hardwired your brain into easily feeling the terrible sensations of complete exhaustion. Some people will heal completely by only learning to rewire their brain into feeling pleasant sensations. For most of us however, we need to work on all three components.  By learning to rewire your brain and calming down your nervous system, you have a big chance at feeling much better and recover a little in a shor time. It takes work and effort!

For some a change of scenery is enough. Many report big results when they are travelling without self-pressure. In some speed courses, they can give you excerizes and knowledge about it. Hypnosis is also a great and efficient way to reprogram your neuro-pathways. Joe Dispenza writes about neuroplasticity in his books. Both hypnosis and neuroplasticity are part of my recovery program.

Travelling and rewiring

As weird as it might sound, travelling is a good recommendation when you are having ME/CFS. Not the type of travelling were you get drunk, climb mountains before sunrise or sleep next to a karaoke bar. Maybe that was what travelling used to look like before with a stressful personality. No, you can relax on a beach, spend your days sunbathing somewhere nice, be in nature and go for small walks. The experience of travelling will get you out of your daily routine. By having new experiences, you are building new pathways in the brain.


This world or reality is not what you think it is. Although the mainstream narrative seems to distract you from it, more and more scientist have come to understand that we are living in a hologram, an illusion.

When I realized that we are all living in an illusion, I started to heal by first achieving all my lifetime (egoic) goals within 16 months. I then gave up and surrendered to nothingness. Then I got ill as it was time to heal.

We are not just observers in this reality, we can be the creators of it. Our beliefs in the subconscious mind create our reality. Everybody is always right, as life will confirm them their reality. So why is there a war going on about truth? Why so much peer-pressure for people with different beliefs?

At this moment, there are people living that can survive without food and drinks. There are people who meditate for a few hours that gives them more energy as an 8 hour night of sleep can do. People are running marathons in extreme weather conditions, like the iceman. You can have kundalini experiences if you want to, it feels amazing. Please reprogram your beliefs about reality, your body and yourself.


Affirmations make us leave a chronic state of resistance and can make us come back into allignment. Focussing on what you want is better than focussing on what you don’t want. If you state that healing from ME/CFS is impossible, then that will be your reality. It might be hard to focus on something else than your horrible symptoms, but it is not impossible. Take the pressure to heal away and just give positive statements. It will be more likely to get out of the chronic fight or flight mode when you focus on what feels good, rather than what doesn’t.  Look into Louise Hay and Abraham Hicks to find out more about it.


The state between sleep and being awake is called the theta state of the mind. Little children are almost all the time in this state. In this state you are very prone for suggestions and you can easily learn things. In some forms of hypnosis you can reprogram youself. A local practisioner would likely be very helpful to inform you of the possibilities.

In one treatment form you can rewrite your life story in the way that would have been ideal for you to grow up. This treatment form can turn off the stress response of your nervous system and make you feel much better fast. Of course it is not a miracle cure and you should invest yourself in being able to do this on a daily basis yourself.


Imagine eating your favourite fruit and feel what reaction is happening in your body. The concept of how helpful imagination can be, is not new. Over 10 years ago the author of ‘the secret’ already talked about it. But beside using it for material desires to mask an emotional wound, we can use the power of imagination for so much more. You can for example imagine being calm to calm down your nervous system. I have also seen a Belgian man on Dutch television that trained one biceps with weights and the other only by imagination, both of his muscles had grown. The one that had trained with real weights was just slightly bigger. It’s also known that thinking about hugging someone, makes the adrenals already release oxytocin. Athletes like to imagine their match before they start and it has been proven to help. If imagination is hard for you, because you are feeling so bad, then a neuroplasticity program aims to help you with that. In my personal recovery program, you can book me for a coaching session to help you with it.

Results will come over time

In order for neuroplasticity to work, you could change your daily routine or even easier, you can imagine it. Stop doing your symptoms and go repeatedly back to your best memories. Feel how it was to be you in that situation and make it as alive as possible. What did you see, what did you feel, who was there, can you recreate that smile right now? Do this for lets say a minute and really imagine it to be your current experience, be precise and detailed. Exaggerate your experience and create new situations. After every time, your symptoms might decrease a little. You can do this process hundreds of times a day, until you are really ready to go on that trip.

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