Phases of chronic fatigue syndrome

Different things help for different people at different times. With the recovery program, I have tried to make the best possible approach. But whatever state you are in, you have to build a relationship with your body, feeling and intuition again. (That doesn’t mean that your inner guidance system will never lead you towards pain anymore.)

In this model of the 4 phases in chronic fatigue syndrome recovery, you might see where you are currently at. It is just meant to give you an idea. In the end it all comes down to you, that you get in alignment with yourself. Then you won’t have to look up possible solutions any longer.

If you read this in the first module, take it easy, you will get to know things in time. The program only works sequentially, as it builds on itself.

You can jump between states very fast. The final two stages are healing and improvement stages.

4 phases of chronic fatigue syndrome

Phases of ME/CFSSymptomsProcess
Chrash phaseBedridden
Extreme exhaustion
Body functions no longer work properly
Calmness (mod 4,7 & 9)
Bedrest / rest
Physical support
Healing environment
Presence (mod 4)
Being offline (mod 2)
Safety (mod 3, 7, 12)
Strict sleep rythm (mod 3)
Tired and wiredFlue-like symptoms
Poor digestion
Sour throut / Swollen glands
Poor sleep
Cognitive disfunction
Pain (muscle)
Post-exertional malaise
Food sensitive reactions
Accept ME/CFS diagnosis
Affirmations and self hypnosis (mod2)
Build a rythm (mod 3)
Education on ME/CFS
Pacing (mod 1,2 & 3)
Neuroplasticity (mod 7)
Presence (mod 4)
Calming down the nervous system (mod 7)
Treat underlying symptoms
Awareness of depleting mind and
body behaviour (mod 6)
learning to listen to the body (build a relationship) (mod 6 & 8)
Gentle (conscious) movement (mod 2 & 3)
Protect the baseline (mod 2&3)
Learn to be and accept yourself (mod 4, 9, 12 & 13)
Healing and supportive environment
Journalling (mod 5)
Being offline (mod 2, 3)

No-man’s landImprovement in symptoms
Some days feel almost normal
Acceptance realised
Easy to crash again
Get stuck in self pity of being sick forever. Yawning and a different kind of fatigue (sleepiness is a sign of leaving the fight or flight mode)
Strict sleep rythm (mod 3)
Pacing and activty awareness (mod 2,3,6 & 8)
Education on ME/CFS
Continue healthy rythm (mod 3)
Neuroplasticity (mod 7)
Calming the nervous system (mod 3, 4, 7,9 & 13)
Emotional awareness and healing (mod 8 & 12)
Presence (mod 4)
Meditation (mod 4-13)
Journalling (mod 5)
Deep awareness of negative thought patterns (mod 5-13)
Coping behaviour awareness (mod 6)
Build some trust in the process (mod 9, 11)
Use the limited energy for joy and self-love processes (mod 3,9 & 13)
Limit your activities (mod 2,3 & 4)
Consicious on body feedback (mod 5,6,8 & 11)
Psychology (mod 4-13)
Trust (mod 9)
Gentle detox (mod 1 & 10)
Save some energy
Moderate time online (mod 2)
Re-integration More energy – less symptoms
Learned to interact with the illness
Positive expectation of the future

You are pacing and gradually building yourself up. you accept your limits as best as you can and you see progress.

Holding yourself back (mod 2,3,4 & 6)
Strict sleep rythm (mod 3)
Affirmations and self hypnosis (mod 2.3 & 7)
Perfecting your rythm (mod 3)
Emotional healing (mod 8 & 12)
Detox (mod 5, 10, & 11)
Meditation (mod 4-13)
Consicious on body feedback (mod 5,6,8 & 11)
Neuroplasticity (mod 7)
Psychology (mod 4-13)
Self-forgiveness for old patterns (mod 12)
Greatful for the lessons (mod 9, 11 & 13)
Presence (mod 4)
Save some energy (mod 2,3,5 & 11)
Moderate time online (mod 2 & 3)