ME/CFS and the covid vaccine

Should people with chronic fatigue syndrome take the new corona vaccination or not?
Of course you should be able to make your own decision as it is your body. You alone will have to deal with the consequences, no one else can. Nevertheless, some crucial information is missing. It is hard to make an educated choice at this moment and I feel it is my job to inform you with some missing facts and my own perception on the matter.

This article is not meant to scare you and I do not present you hours of research papers. I’d like to investigate it in a practical way.

Operation lockstep

A few years ago – and this is going to sound strange – I was at the beach reading some alternative news. I don’t like the 4 sentence news that is very common nowadays. I prefer to understand subjects from multiple angles with in-depth analysis. The divide and rule principle that is being used in most discussions is not constructive. The principle of – let the other side be heard – is one of the fundamental preconditions for real dialogue and I therefore choose to read alternative sources.

Over the course of many years this has lead me in a certain direction in life, as I was able to progress and follow my interest. In 2019, it led me via an article from a Rockenfeller whistleblower about ‘operation lockstep’ to a Dutch book that is retitled now as the ‘corona crisis’, written by Robin de Ruiter.

Conspiracy theory

This book was the biggest conspiracy theory I’ve ever came across in life. It read like a science fiction story and half way through it started to be very negative.  I then chose to stop reading it. Operation Lockstep predicted / warned for everything since covid started. Every dialogue, framing, spinning and current protests were described thoroughly.

A few months later, the John Hopkins institute had a simulation on how to psychologically influence and manipulate people in case of a severe corona virus pandemic. This fictonal event was called event 201. The biggest sponsers of the WHO, Bill and Melinda gates attended the event, which was strange. Bil is not a doctor and just got in trouble due to his friendship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and he was very clear about his depopulation ideals in the years prior.

I was very surprised that only a few months later, everything that was mentioned in the book and discussed at event 201 started happening for real. The psychological manipulation technigues were the exact same. I Started to feel stressed and wanted to let people know what I knew. Nobody believed me.

If you look up patent US20200279585A1 by R. A. Rothchild, you will find that the Covid-19 tests were patented in 2015.

I made this video about corona facts in the autumn of 2020 to give some facts about it. Facts that I was very eager to find, as I was critical from the very beginning. Eventually I stopped digging into facts and everything as I found out that the collective hypnosis was too strong for me to break. I therefore started developing myself in different ways. Nowadays I am much more interested in living from a place of love and connection and to express my free will in an harmonious way. Nevertheless, I thought it was important to shed my analytical light on the subject with you.


When I stopped reading the book, it was all about vaccinations. It said that people who take the vaccine will drop their life expectancy to 3 more years for older people and 10 more years for younger people. It predicted that the experimental vaccines would have been ready by January 2021, people would all take it as they hoped for the jab to finish the lockdowns.

But by the end of 2021 a new variant of the corona virus would cause a massive peak in deaths. The author of the book stated that this death will be caused by the vaccinations instead. To tackle this apparent new variant, we would need to take another new vaccination. A variation that of course will never be isolated or able to be seen by other scientists. The author called it covid 21.

I was very worried

Looking at it from this perspective, you would probably understand why I was worried about the vaccinations and the possibility of losing my loved ones. At this moment I have already made peace with it. I am not going to continue talking about the other predictions from the book, as I do not want to scare you.

Some facts about the current mRNA vaccine.

  • The medical use of the mRNA vaccine has not been proved (yet)
  • Everyone who takes the jab, will be taking part in a medical experiment that lasts until the end of 2023. (notice that comes with the medical product)
  • Covid 19 is not dangerous for 98% of the population. People under the age of 65 have a bigger chance of dying from the flue than from covid 19. (source WHO, may 2021)
  • The IFR from covid 19 is officially 0,15% (not the 3,2% they predicted in March 2020) (source WHO, may 2021)
  • This jab is officially (until definitions change) not a vaccine, but gene therapy. Prof. Emeritus, as head of the institute for medical microbiology at the Johannes-Gutenberg university, expects extreme side effects between 6 and 18 months after the shot. The immune system might attack itself.
  • The virus has never been isolated, a weakened strain can’t be in the jab therefore. (Stefan Lanka MD)
  • The pharmaceutical producers don’t have any liability in case of side effects.
  • It can’t promise to protect you from this virus
  • It can’t guarantee a milder clinical picture.
  • It can’t prevent you from spreading the virus.
  • The lockdown will continue
  • 0 Flue deaths since March 2020. These deaths have been replaced 1:1 with corona deaths. The media says that the flue dissapeared due to the effectiveness of the lockdowns. The same media also says that corona is still here, because the lockdowns are not good enough yet.

A way out of the lockdowns

After their own internal research, the pharmaceutical companies are highly satisfied with their new products. Pfizer has never made profit in their existence but only in a few months their profit has skyrockeded to 1 billion dollars. The stock price of the pharmaceutical giant has doubled in the last year.  I wish I would have purchased some stocks after reading that book.

In their own words, this is what they say about their new product:

How does an mRNA vaccine work?

When you look at images of the coronavirus, you see spikes sticking out from all sides; these spikes are actually proteins. The mRNA vaccines for COVID-19 contain the instructions cells need to make a piece of the spike protein but not the fully functioning COVID-19 virus.

The formation of these spike proteins tricks your body into making an immune response against the spike protein, which works to protect you against the COVID-19 virus if you are exposed to it. This immune response is what gives you protection against the disease.

I hope I am wrong

I pray to god this will not harm people’s health, but if you are someone who believes in science, none of this has been proven yet. You will therefore participate in a medical trial to alter your DNA, without a placebo control group. What could possibly go wrong?

In the recent years lots of things have gone wrong with vaccinations in poorer countries in Africa and India. The oral polio vaccine in India happened to cause more polio than ever before and the HPV vaccine in Africa forcefully sterilized millions of women. The lawsuits of these scandals, made by the same companies, are still going on.

Some people believe their only interest is helping humanity. I am not so sure about that. They could have also given it away for free or ask at least the production costs only. Instead trillions of tax money is being spended. The newly created money to pay for it will come as loans with the usual consequenses. It will have to be repaid. It has interest and it devalues the existing money supply.

I understand the carrot on a stick together with unsubstantiated claims that are being made in the media are hard to resist. In coaching talks I encourage clients to never ever make a decision from fear. Often the solution to not feel the fear is worse than than the actual feeling. Nothing sells better than fear.

Peer reviewed research from The Lancet shows that the experimental injections reduce your chance of catching COVID-19 by:

  • Pfizer: 0.8%
  • Johnson & J: 1.2%
  • Moderna: 1.2%
  • AstraZenica: 1.3%

Can the virus harm strong and healthy people?

From my holistic view, I would always say that a viral infection is caused by an internal imbalance of the body. The virus fills up a weak spot in the body, it doesn’t create it. This is confirmed by the terrain theory. This terrain theory is the successor of the germ theory. But this theory is far less profitable and more empowering. Without fear it is hard to control people’s actions.

Does Post-Covid cause ME/CFS?

Every year hundreds of thousands develop chronic fatigue syndrome after a viral infection. Normally these people were ignored, now they are being used in a storyline to sell fear. Abusing people with ME/CFS is probably worse than ignoring them. So far, I can’t find evidence that covid 19 caused more cases of post viral fatigue than usual.

What are the consequences?

The government can forbid you to have access to certain types of events or buildings without a vaccine. How susceptible for manipulation are you? If a big group won’t do it, than it will be harder for them to create these consequences.

What are the side effects of the experimental injection?

Ofcourse the trial will only be completed in a few years and there isn’t a control group, thus it will be hard to measure. In the Netherlands a politician wanted to thoroughly monitor the side effects from this experimental injection. This was denied by the government.

But although side effects are not really monitored, the CDC has written on May 8th an article  with this headline: As many people have died from Covid-19 vaccines as ALL vaccines in last 20 years COMBINED

I had a look at the ingredients from the different versions, it doesn’t look well to me. I have found a Dutch article where each of these ingredients were labelled as dangerous, but I haven’t really informed me well with this. For the ones of you who have done several heavy metal detoxes, the following video will probably seem a nightmare.  (I just saw these videos via a friend and can’t really say anything about it, but there are so many of them.)

Over 300.000 people in Europe have been severely injured (not died) due to this injection. And this is only the tip of the iceberg as the side effects are not monitored well.

Most of these injuries are permanent and nervous system related. Since people with ME/CFS have a nervous system imbalance already, my personal recommendation is to not take it. Unless you invested in pharmaceutical stocks a year ago of course ;)

I know several health people between 40 and 65 years old that have died due to or soon after the vaccination. This is hard for me.

Zooming out

It is always wise to zoom out and focus on the core of things. Is there really a pandemic? According to their own official numbers it is an epedemic. The only reason it was a pandemic was because of the change of definitions during the swine flue scandal in 2009.  Look it up for yourself. Then there is the PCR test. In the user manual it says that it is not a tool to diagnose any viral infection. The creator of the test kept repeating this over and over again. If you use more then 24 cycles, the test can find everything. The tests they used in March 2020 to declare the pandemic had over 40 cycles.

If you would look at the excess mortality in 2020, you will find that most countries didn’t have one, despite this dangerous killer viris. Some say that this is because of the lockdowns and completely ignore that lockdowns scientifically won’t flatten any curve. Instead the only thing that flattens the curve is the summer. The flue and common cold season is from september to april. In the Netherlands we say the R is in the month and doctors recommend taking extra vitamine D.

Dr Reiner Fuellmich is currently leading many lawsuits to lots of cooperations that are profiting from this imaginary crisis. I recommend watching this interview with him and that you do your own research before you participate in a medical experiment. If that link doesn’t work because of censorship, try this link. Some of the things he speaks about will shock you. The number of deaths due to the vaccine will shock you.

I often talk to people where the final stress trigger was a vaccination. Adding more toxic stress to your body and joining a medical experiment while having ME/CFS is not my cup of tea.

To me, it sounds like people who don’t eat GMO foods are becoming GMO themselves ;)

Sorry I had to finish with a joke .